San Bernardino National Forest

General Information

Noxious Weeds in the SBNF. Invading weeds that are pushing out native plant life.
Animals of Interest in the SBNF. Threatened or otherwise special animals that are known to be in the SBNF.
USFS Map. USFS produced map of the SBNF.
USFS Website. The USFS website for the SBNF.

Locate It

Trails & Camping Locations. Maps, descriptions, and GPS waypoints of trails and camping locations.
Big Bear Discovery Center. Map and location of the Big Bear Discovery Center, the meeting point for most trail runs in Big Bear, also a point to get forest information and purchase permits / adventure passes.
Big Bear Ranger Station. Map and location of the Big Bear Ranger Station, the meeting point for most Adopt-A-Trail maintenance days.



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